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NZ Update: Life Sciences

This article updating you on the current NZ Life Science space will be easy…following on the footsteps of the excellent MTANZ conference and Healthtech Innovation & Investment workshop. I recently attended the Healthtech Innovation workshop for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Please read the full update here.

WHO calls for transparency

A recent public statement from WHO calls for ALL past, present & future clinical trial results to be published through one primary platform, the International Clinical Trials Registry (ANZ Clinical Trials Registry data is currently imported there).
This is a simple, effective and transparent idea, so why is it taking so long for companies to get on board? Please read the full article here.

Thalidomide Settlement

Australian lawyer Michael Magazanik successfully represented thalidomide victims in a class action suit against its Australasian distributors, Distillers. The lead client was Lynette Rowe, born in 1962 in Australia without arms or legs. She won a multi-million dollar settlement in 2012. During the case Michael Magazanik revealed that Distillers let pregnant women keep taking it despite knowing it was causing severe birth defects. Listen to Michael discussing the case here.